How Catchers Should Prepare for Games

Have you ever wondered how to help your catchers stop wasting time during pre-game while waiting for the pitcher to be ready to throw?

This is a crucial time to prepare and develop, leading to the creation of what I call ‘The Ultimate Catcher’s Pre-Game Drill Series’…

The purpose of this pre-game drill series is to not only to get you ready for the game, but to give you some reps on skills that infrequently come up in games. (i.e. Wild Pitch Retrieval Figure 4 Slide)

You can shadow these skills, or have a coach or another catcher participate.

These drills should be executed after you have finished your pregame stretch.

Put all of your gear on and give yourself enough time to get the pregame drills done and have a few minutes before your starting pitcher starts to throw.


  1. Receive
  2. Block
  3. Block, Retrieve & Throw (2B/3B)
  4. Throwing Footwork to 2B (Mid/In/Out/Low & Out/vs. LHH)
  5. Pitch Outs & Modified Pitch Outs
  6. Throwing Foot Work to 3B (Behind/Leave Early/Through/Front)
  7. Pick 1B (Knees/Feet), 2B & 3B (Regular & Delay)
  8. Bunt through Pick (1B/2B)
  9. Home to 1st DP/Force/Reverse
  10. Tags LF/CF/RF-2 Knee Pivot Tag/1 Hand Sweep Tag/High Throw Tag/Redirect
  11. Bunts
  12. Low Pop Basket Catch
  13. Wild Pitch Retrieval

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