One Pitch Call at a Time

Have you ever seen a catcher that seems to have a command of the pitching staff?

The guys “love throwing to him” and have a high level of “trust” with this individual.

It can be difficult to pinpoint what it is that exudes such presence and confidence…

A large factor in building this trust is the catcher having the ability to call pitches confidently.

Overwhelmingly, the most important pitch calling strategy is to pitch call to your pitcher’s strengths… even if it means going strength vs. strength.

Call pitches that your pitcher has confidence in.

The so called wrong pitch thrown with confidence is better than the so called right pitch thrown with doubt.

There is no one perfect pitch to call.

You have a long option line of pitches that will produce positive results. Pitch call the game one pitch at a time. The next pitch will be based on how your pitcher executes this pitch, how the hitter reacts to this pitch, and where you think the hitter’s “attention zone” is going on the next pitch.

General Game Plan for Calling Pitches: (with Goals that can apply to your entire staff)

  1. 1st pitch strikes (Highest % strike pitch or pitches to the pitcher’s highest % strike location)
  2. Two of 1st three pitches for strikes
  3. Pay close attention to the 1-1/2-0/2-1 pitches (Highest % strike pitch or pitches to the pitcher’s highest % strike location)
  4. Behind box or half box & ahead tilt, reverse, double or put away (terms explained & demonstrated in my Pitch Calling DVD)
  5. Treat the 2-2 pitch like a 3-2 pitch.
  6. Create uncomfortable at bats. (Lots of strikes, belt line fastballs in for strikes & fastballs in off the plate)

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