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Jerry Weinstein's New "Bunting: The Rockies Way" Reveals How To
Stay Ahead Of The Game By Developing Effective Bunters In Game Situations!

 In this brand new presentation from the Baseball Ontario's 2022 Best Ever Coaches Clinic, Coach Jerry Weinstein unveils his tips to being an effective bunter at all levels– mechanics, strategy, technique, and nuances of the short game.

In this jam-packed, 25 minute presentation, you'll learn:

  • The different types of bunts and when to utilize them
  • The mechanics of a sac bunt
  • Strategy and thoughts on sac bunting
  • The various types of base hit bunts (BHB)
  • Strategies and utilization of the BHB
  • The safety squeeze, plus the suicide squeeze
  • The simplicities and complexities of the bunt game
  • Situational awareness and how to pressure a defense with the bunt game
  • Bunting thoughts for a right-handed hitter vs. a left handed hitter
  • The effectiveness of all bunts, plus the fake bunt!
  • And much, much more!

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